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Far West Recognition Programs...

Far West Ski Association has a wide variety of recognition programs to serve its membership and our communities.  These programs are funded by industry sponsorships and member dues.

Each individual award is being reviewed for 2023.  Applications will be posted as they become available.  Feel free to email the chair of any of these awards for more information.


Club/Council Recognition Awards

  • Far West Council's Volunteer of the Year.
  • Sponsored by Big White Ski Resort since 2001, each council can nominate a man or woman to represent to represent them at the Far West Convention.  Application due March 18, 2024.   more...  

  • Far West Richard Lubin Safety Person of the Year
  • Sponsored by Holidaze Ski Tours & Mammoth Mountain Ski Area since 2023.
    This award recognizes an individual who has done the most to promote safe riding and the safety program.
    more...   Application due March 18, 2024.

  • Far West Western Ski Heritage Award
  • Sponsored by Steamboat Ski Resort since 2000, this award recognizes an individual who has made the best effort to collect, archive, preserve and share the contributions of snowsports to the community at large.
    more...    Application due March 18, 2024.

  • Environment Award
  • The Environment Award recognizes the individual who has made a significant contribution with new ideas and creative ways of protecting our environment and conserving our resources.
    more..     Application due March 18, 2024.

  • Far West Club & Council Communication Awards
  • Clubs and councils showcase their activities for the past year by submitting an essay, their publications, social media sites and their websites.
    more...     Application due March 18, 2024.

  • Charity and Community Service
  • Far West is committed to enhancing the quality of life within our communities by supporting charitable giving and volunteerism. Clubs and councils who participate in charities in their regions and communities vie for prize money to be awarded to the winner’s charity of choice.

  • Club and Council History Recognition
  • In 2008 Far West launched the Club and Council History Recognition to develop club, league and council histories. The objective of the annual program is to capture important information about skiing from the skier’s perspective and especially that of the club skier.
    more...     Application due March 18, 2024.

  • Historic Ski Club
  • Clubs with over 50 years of operation may be designated as a FWSA Historic Ski Club. The club must provide proof of operations with the request for this designation. Historic clubs are given a certificate and receive an electronic logo for placement on their website and other media.
    Application due March 18, 2024.

Sponsorship Recognition Scholarships for Junior Racers

  • Far West Athletic Scholarships
  • Sponsored by Whitefish Mountain Resort, Grouse Mountain Lodge and Shure, Inc. (maker of Karbon) since 2004, Far West awards a number of Athletic Scholarships to deserving junior racers within our geographic region.

FWSA 2013 Council's Man & Woman of the Year awards to Dale Parshall, NWSCC and Jennifer Milstein, Bay Area

Telluride & Mountain Lodge Telluride will be sponsoring the Safety Award in 2015. Pictured is Mary Manning presenting the 2013 award to Gordon Lusk, NWSCC, with Safety Chair Richard Lubin.
Aspen / Snowmass sponsored the Safety Person of the Year from 1998 to 2014.

Andy Rossbach of Steamboat Ski Resort presents the 2012 Western Ski Heritage Prize to John James with chair John Watson.

Kayleigh & Lila, FWSA Scholarship recipients at the 2013 Convention in Reno, showing us their race form.