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Far West Council's Safety Person of the Year Program
Application deadline is March 21, 2021

The FWSA Safety Award is graciously being sponsored by Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. In 1998, the first award was presented to Jo Henry, the person who coined the phrase that would best sum up the FWSA safety position. The tag line was contributed by Jim Ortiz.

Ski With Pride - Watch All Sides - Let It Ride
First With Safety Awareness

About the Safety Person of the Year Award

    The association is a constant proponent of safe skiing. Safety should be given the highest regard by both ski resorts and participants. Safety should be a forethought not an afterthought.

    Safety is no accident, safety is having fun consciously!

    This yearly award honors the person who has done the most to promote safety consciousness within the association. This can be done through a variety of methods including safety articles, on mountain activities, presentations, public speaking, working ski patrol, creating posters or banners, and many other activities.

    Check out our past winners.








What the Winner Receives

    This year the winner receives 4 nights lodging with 3 day lift pass to Mammoth Mountain Ski Area for two.

    *Lodging is based on space availability and restrictions may apply.

Apply for the Safety Award

    The deadline for the Safety Award submission is March 21, 2021

    The 2021 application can be downloaded here.

    The winner will be announced Saturday evening at the Convention Awards Banquet.


    Fran Long
    Safety Committee Chair
    925-828-7454 [H]

Bob Ellis with Aspen's Mary Manning received the Safety Award in 2004

T.J. Barnes, pictured with Ed Knott and Richard Lubin, won the Safety Award in 2005 for her Hearing Challenge campaign.

Elaine Cobos won the Safety Award in 2003

Richard Lubin won the Safety Award in 2001 and 2002. The next year he became the award coordinator.

Download Councils' Safety Person of the Year
Application as a PDF document to be filled out electronically.

FWSA Safety Sponsor

Some of the past winners

Emilio Trampuz won the Safety Award in 2017.

Sue Rimkeit won the Safety Award in 2016

Kat Severin won the Safety Award in 2015

Dennis Heffley won the Safety Award in 2014.